Archer Soft and LGR Co Signed Development Agreement

LGR Company signed an agreement on 5th June 2019 with one of the top custom Fintech and Blockchain development company in the world as Archer Soft LLC base in USA and Ukraine to build Silk Road Coin Banking Platform to services fully traditional banking of fiat currencies via crypto.

Archer Soft Key Figures:

  • 19 Years on the market
  • 180+ Employees
  • 500+ Delivered custom products
  • 300+ Global clients
  • 99.6% Cost-performance index (CPI)

Archer Soft Past Performance :

JP Morgan Bank – Project : Brand Asset Management system

Renault Group – Project: Warehouse Management System

WeBuy – Project: Blockchain based on Demand Advertising-Platform – Project: Microsaving web app and web services

Coinvest Labs – Project: an investment tool MVP

Bankaroo – Project: Virtual bank for kids

Strategy Runner – Project: Trading Platform refactoring

GoAndChange – Project: Demand Aggregator for payment and exchange in digital currencies

CodeDrop – Project: Blockchain Escrow App Prototype

Steve Hawkins – Project: Market profile strategies app

Ethereum Projects- Ethereum Geth time tracking software

MiniBank – Project: a system that allows user to send money overseas to any bank and any currency in the world and also buy and sell cryptocurrencies

FDDP – Project: the first decentralized deposit platform based on Blockchain technology

and many more pojects such as Bit Pulse, IGF fund ( crypto fund) , Virtual Space, Joint ICO.

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