Media Partnership with EU Reporter

EU Reporter base in Brussel one of the best Media Company in Europe as official Belt and Road Initiative of China Media partner being partner with LGR Co and Silk Road Coin Cryptocurrency to publish project news in global market. (

By Partnership with EU Reporter our news beside EU reporter ( will be publish in below news agencies too:

WireNews – (world-wide newswire service)
• PressClub Brussels – (World HQ of International Association of Press Clubs and European
Federation of Press Clubs)
• People’s Daily of China – (English and Chinese languages)
• Belt&Road News Network (World)


London Globe – (English language)
• New York Globe – (English language)
• Le Globe France – (French language)
• Der Globus Deutschland – (German language)
• Globo Espana – (Spanish language)
• Globe Nederland – (Dutch language)
• Globo Di Roma – (Italian language)
• Topline News – (All European languages)

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