Assuring Food and Energy Security: The Integration of Three Platforms to Create one Global Trading Ecosystem

Ali Amirliravi

Ali Amirliravi

CEO of LGR Global

LGR Global has signed vital MOU’s (Memorandum of Understanding) with TCP (TouchStone Capital Group Holding Ltd) and TAM (Trade Access Master Platform) to improve food and Energy security.

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LGR Global announced today, that has signed vital MOU’s (Memorandum of Understanding) with TCP (TouchStone Capital Group Holding Ltd) and TAM (Trade Access Master Platform) to improve food and energy security. This agreement connects three platforms into an integrated ecosystem where TAM owned by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) manages the trade transaction, logistics, transportation, and commercial and test certification, TCP provides insurance and liquidity to transactions and $SRC Business Ecosystem manages post-trade transaction such as issuance and managing of Letter of Credits and cross border money movement.

Touchstone Capital Group Holding Ltd. (TCP) – United Kingdom – 18 years established Unique industries & financial one-stop solutions global consortium platform with global leading alliance partners for promoting and implementation of middle and larges scaled projects with a very structured investments model and professional management execution team. Based on project liquidity to tailor-made financial structure to get the project to be implemented by global leading industry players to meet the return of the investment.$

Touchstone Capital Group

TAM-Trade Access Master

The platform services consist of Fund and Asset Management, Insurance Brokerage, global investment, investment banking, debt financing, infrastructure investment & financing, M&A and  agriculture financing , energy and natural resources Investment, project refinance, and financial advisory.

LGR Global oü – Estonia – $SRC Business Ecosystem, is an integrated, end-to-end digital trade finance and global supply chain platform with functionalities such as liquidity marketplace, digital compliance, trade finance, global supply chain, and cross-border money movement which is using ($SRC) Silk Road Coin utility token as a unified attribute.

Trade Access Master Platform ( – China- was officially launched in 2017. It was the “China Council for the Promotion of International Trade SME Trade Facilitation Comprehensive Service Platform” established by the Trade Promotion Exchange Center of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade. TAM Services are: trade and supply chain finance, commercial certification, comprehensive foreign trade services, intellectual property rights, legal services, product testing, and certification.

Kenny Song – Founder & Chairman of TCP and Zhang Liping – Chairperson & President of TAM And ALI AMIRLIRAVI, Co-Founder and CEO of LGR Global jointly said and confirmed ’That the combination of these three ecosystems can become one of the largest integrated trading networks in the world due to the fact that China is No.1 trading partner for US, EU and APAC driving trading volumes exponentially due to this partnerships”.

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