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It is an area of incredible growth. China, for example, has maintained GDP growth of over 6% for the last 10 years, and many central Asian economies are posting similar numbers (or higher!).

This kind of growth means increased trade, increased foreign ownership and subsidiary development, and therefore presents unique opportunities for LGR Global to optimize and automate trade finance processes. 

The Silk Road Area is made up of 68+ countries, each with their own currencies and the individualized value fluctuations that come as a by-product. Cross-border trade in this area is easily complicated by these currency fluctuations. Our solution will make this problem a thing of the past.     

In the centre of the SRC Business Ecosystem is Silk Road Coin (SRC utility token), which is used to fuel transactions between trading partners in the Ecosystem. Trading partners can only access the SRC Business Ecosystem products and services by using the SRC utility token.

LGR Global’s cross-border money movement system & digital end-to-end trade finance platform will be launched in Q2 2022, with digital commodity marketplaces following in Q3 2022.

Beginning in Q1 2022, the SRC will be listed on some of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges.

No, the SRC’s are used by LGR Global’s clients and customers to pay for the fees associated with international money transfers, currency exchanges and trade finance processes.

By utilizing emerging technologies, LGR Global standardizes and digitizes the documentation and compliance pipeline within the trade finance industry.  Previously, these activities were managed across multiple borders and jurisdictions using inefficient, manual, paper-based systems of record keeping which yielded opportunities for miscommunication, fraud, poor traceability, long verification times, profitability loss, delayed payments and overall operational inefficiency.

LGR Global’s blockchain-powered platform facilitates increased transparency with end-to-end activity tracing and automatic data validation, enhancing trust among all authorized parties and greatly reducing fraud risks.

What makes LGR Global’s solution unique is:

  • Our geographical focus (Silk Road Area).
  • Our comprehensive end-to-end digital trade finance system that integrates global supply chains.
  • Integrated big data analytics and predictive forecasting models powered by AI & Machine Learning. 
  • The world-class expertise and industry experience of it’s core team.

Multi-commodity trading companies operating within the Silk Road Area (Europe-Central Asia-China), as well as pharmaceutical companies and soft commodity producers. 

LGR Global’s primary purpose is to add value to our customers and clients. By capturing data throughout the entire activity chain of trade finance, LGR is granted a unique and unprecedented position to provide credible intelligence for smarter decision making in the trade finance industry. LGR Global leverages big data analytics and A.I., to run best-in-class risk modeling, predictive forecasting, and scenario analysis.

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