LGR Global implements ICC URDTT Rule to $SRC Business Ecosystem

Ali Amirliravi

Ali Amirliravi

CEO of LGR Global

LGR Global is happy to announce that we are implementing ICC URDTT Rule into $SRC Business Ecosystem to run end-to-end digital trade finance transactions.

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LGR Global is implementing International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) #URDTT Rule into SRC Business Ecosystem to run #endtoend #digitaltrade and #tradefinance #transactions.

We are among the first who are adopting and creating the standard for digital commodity trade transactions based on the International Chamber of Commerce #URDTT.


Who is the ICC?

The International Chamber of Commerce is a governing body that creates a standard rule for running commodity trade and trade finance transactions globally

What is URDTT?

United Rule for Digital Trade Transactions, the latest standard Rule that ICC published for running digital trade and trade finance transaction

Download Version 1.0 of ICC URDTT rule as PDF:

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