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28 reviews for Silk Road Coin

  1. Irina Kuznetsova

    Wonderful cryptocurrency with brilliant future, we already invest on it and will do more. Thanks to best support services of LGR teams.

  2. CryptoFireStarter

    Firstly, as an introduction, I have traded exclusively in Crypto, since January 2014. I have bought 100’s of 1,000’s of Coins & I have profits in the 10’s of millions.

    For me an ICO, needs to cater for and generate demand (obviously). SilkRoadCoin (SRC) is supported by 65 Countries. 65 Countries who house c60% of the Worlds Population. They generate +1/3rd of Global GDP. The offer is backed by 100m€.

    An ICO (for me), also needs to offer support, advice, recommendation. SilkRoadCoin, is supported by +300 professionals. Not just the resident Red Bull drinking ‘Coin-Head’, but also Bankers, Gold, Oil, Dollar Trading professionals, FX Specialists, Securities experts. Individuals, all on hand to assist you with your decision and potential purchase.

    Based in UAE and Switzerland, they also capture the ‘mood’, East – West. I believe as their marketing suggests, this will be “The ICO” of 2019. I’m in, I suggest you take a look.

  3. Charles Moore

    LGR – Crypto Bank, thank you for the opportunity to buy SRC and for the help and advice you have provided to me during your ICO period and my buying process. I buy Crypto as part of my Portfolio of investments, as a “hold”, you are the first company to offer me a conversation with a real person. If you continue to provide this level of service, coupled with your Coin I think you will be number 1 in this space within 24 months. Wishing you luck with and post the ICO.

  4. Thomas Schmitt

    Great Coin, it’s a buy for me. Excellent market position, huge potential for growth……….good ICO luck!!!

  5. Andy Harper

    Yes, a buy for me too. I buy Crypto based on the demand theory. What is the likely demand for the coin. I then look at demographics, how many young people are likely to show an interest in the coin. Looking at Silk Road Countries, I cannot see a larger proportion of young people and millenials on the entire planet. I only wish I could afford more than the 125k that I have bought!

  6. Nicola Lockhart

    Crypto and Technology are here to stay. Can you imagine the next generation believing that we used to carry money in our purse? Why is Crypto here to stay? Simple it’s the same as Petrol or Electric for cars, Strawberries & Cream, Posh and Becks, they go together

  7. Isabella Turnbull

    Got to agree with Nicola above, it is just amazing that we hear people with metal money jingling in pockets. Crypto is fast, secure and we have a certainty in transaction amounts and no FX differential, Crypto all the way for me and SilkRoadCoin is now a large %’ge of my wallet. Fingers crossed for an oversubscribed ICO!

  8. Hans-Peter Hutter

    I too like this coin, as well as a buyer of Crypto, I am a marketing guru. I like the brand of SilkRoadCoin and I like the service they offer through LGR. If this coin does not pay for my next Porsche then I am very surprised!!!

  9. Poppy Smith

    LGR and SilkRoadCoin, Inhave never posted a review on a website in my life. However, credit where credit is due. Your website spoke of service and you have been true to your word. Every question I have asked, even on a sleepless Tuesday night, have been answered immediately. This is my first venture into Crypto so I cannot compare you to others, but you have been exceptional, thank you!

  10. Sir Richard Branson

    To all of the SilkRoadCoin Team, I wish you every success. If Virgin ever venture into the ‘Crypto space’, we will follow your model, I wish you great success!

  11. Mia Turner

    My first bite of the crypto cherry and I too would like to thank Ali and all of the LGR Team for their help, support and education. You have all been brilliant to me. Fingers crossed for a profitable SilkRoadXoin ICO…..

  12. Freddie Marshall

    I like this coin and offer. To be honest I just have a good feel for the offer and I am part of it, good luck

  13. Vladimir Pukki

    I have sell Ripple BitCoin & BTC, I sell also all Litecoin & ETH for this one, come on SRC make me a rich or I am say richer man – Vlad The Coin Lad

  14. Oskar Prokov

    Hey Vlad, WhatsApp me and tell me how much you are in for, this is a new ICO / Coin for me, just found it

  15. Amit Khan

    Good to see an offer from the East. I am bored with some of the North American, Western Europe dross in the Crypto space. All marketing and shine, hollow promises, Inshallah SilkRoadCoin will be the first global success of many from the East. I am buying, not because of the webpage or marketing, not because I wish to support my Brothers & Sisters, I am buying 1. for profit and 2. The U.S. has $, EU has €, UK has £, Middle East & Silk Road Belt will have SRC – Silk Road Coin, Bil Tawfiq

  16. Oskar Prokov

    Vlad danke for the DM, if you are in my friend, I am in! Bring it on SRC ICO August 2019 +++++++++++

  17. Sifat Patel

    Amit, I like your comments and reasons. I too will buy SRC, imagine having a common currency across the Middle East and along the Silk Road Belt. I am an import / export Merchant, dealing with 30 different currencies per day. This coin would make my life so much easier and dare I say simpler. SilkRoadCoin, I am a buyer, hazun saeid

  18. Brad Wellins

    I have bought SRC for one simple reason. Over 4 years in Crypto market, I have wished for a transparent issuer. A coin provider who will put a human on a phone, not an A I droid. LGR you unlike the majority are true to your vision, your marketing words. You have even had people call me back thank you. SilkRoadCoin is now in my wallet

  19. Raymond Bernstein

    When the Russians have bought up all of the Gold in the market, where do you think their Central Bank will go next? They will go “Long” Crypto and where is Russia trying to influence most? The Middle East. And what is the Euro or Dollar Currency of the Middle East? It is SilkRoadCoin.

  20. Raymond Bernstein

    And it won’t be Ethereum as they are maxed out there

  21. Nick Smith Saville

    Agreed the price of Ethereum is manipulated totally by the Russian Central Bank, they hold almost as much in ETH as they do in $, there problem is $ with sanctions is difficult to obtain at a good rate. So in a choice between ETH & SRC SilkRoadCoin is a winner

  22. Roman S

    In Russia, we call Mr. Putin Crypto Finger, as he buys so many . Silk Road Belt Must Be of interest in my Country as it stretched to Rome!!!

  23. Ian Lamonrt

    Let’s be honest, the likes of Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Ripple are tired and tainted currencies. This ICO is not just fresh, it is different. Why because it has the potential to be the common currency for 65+ Countries. Do you realize how long Project Euro took, the expense to the members in its development? If I am not mistaken LGR-Crypto Bank, through SilkRoadCoin, is offering the East a Euro Currency,without the planning, cost and rollout! So it’s a buy for me too

  24. Russell Hardy

    I agree Ian, there needs to be a new type of coin, not just new coins through ICO’s . This coin is new both as an issue, new in its approach via LGR-Crypto Bank and new in its Geography ……SRC SilkRoadCoin is in my wallet too

  25. Stuart Andrews

    I’m a careful Scotsman. This ICO is what I have looked for since I started buying Crypto in 2014. LGR – Crypto Bank have a vision and my research suggests a project to launch a Crypto Banking Platform after ICO. This tells me they are here for the long term, not just for a “quick buck”. Someone is going to win the ICO/Crypto/Blockchain/Platform Race, why not LGR? They have huge resources, substantial staffing levels and experts in every relevant field from tech heads to European Chartered Bankers. Offices in Switzerland too, possibly the most regulated Country for finance in the world, which also gives me confidence-SilkRoadCoin I’m on you and you are in my order book

  26. Jason Knight

    This issue is a win/win. If those buyers in the East buy, the offer will be massively oversubscribed. If they don’t the West & Russia will eat this ICO alive. I bought 3 weeks ago and expect 3x return.

  27. Roland Carter

    I have bought every ICO since 01.2016, I have never sold at a loss, this one I buy tomorrow, liquidated my XRP & BTC holdings going full in SilkRoadCoin and long LGR-Crypto , don’t let me down, I know you won’t!

  28. David Thomas

    Today I bought SilkRoadCoin, in my Waves Wallet now. I know much comment here is about the different approach of LGR, I really don’t buy that approach, I buy winners and I believe this is a winner.

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