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Powering Import & Export between East to West Economies

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What is the $SRC Business Ecosystem?

$SRC Business Ecosystem is a unique digital ecosystem that integrates commodity trade finance and the global supply chain. The $SRC Business Ecosystem is designed to increase import and export between East and West economies by improving finance accessibility, reducing risks, fraud, costs and increasing transparency, and simplifying the processes.

It uses Blockchain technology to interconnect end-to-end trade flows and integrates trade finance with the global supply chain. Using smart contracts for process management and terms and conditions validation, tokenize financing requests and payment undertaking issuance as well as tokenize trade documents that fully comply with ICC URDTT, UN MLETR, and UK ETDA rules. rules.

What is $SRC's function within the $SRC Business Ecosystem?

In The $SRC Business Ecosystem customers can use $SRC tokens for various purposes within the $SRC Business Ecosystem, including paying gas fees for transaction validation, purchasing services within the ecosystem, and earning rewards through ecosystem growth and buy-back mechanisms in crypto exchanges.

Investors can also buy tokens and earn profits from ecosystem growth through staking and buy-back mechanisms.

Validators will validate the transactions in the blockchain and earn from gas fees.

The ecosystem itself will earn revenue from service fees and distribute a portion of EDITDA to holders through a buy-back mechanism in the exchanges.

What is $SRC's economic design?

The $SRC token supply is capped, meaning there will never be more than 1 billion $SRC tokens in circulation. $SRC uses a deflationary economy model, which means that through the token buyback program, the token supply decreases in exchanges over time, potentially increasing the value of each token. 

In the $SRC Business Ecosystem economy, Each transaction increases the $SRC token demand and reduces the supply in the crypto exchanges, driving up the $SRC token price. Each token is worth a fixed percentage of service in the ecosystem, thus, the increase in the $SRC token price provides access to more services in the future.

LGRs token holding initiative encouraging people to hold their $SRC token for an extended period and it focuses on four aspects; (1) LGRs token buy-back program from crypto exchanges (2) the growth in ecosystem service offerings (3) a monetary policy in place to control emission and rewards accordingly (4) the anticipation of the greater future utility of $SRC tokens will encourage token holders to hold their $SRC for an extended period.

Stakeholder incentive alignment

The $SRC token supply is capped in order to create scarcity and promote value appreciation over time. LGR Global ensures incentive alignment between investors and ecosystem users to drive the $SRC value growth. 10% of company EBITDA can be, at LGR’s entire discretion, distributed among the $SRC token holders through the token buy-backs from crypto exchanges from time to time.

A restrictive monetary policy, characterized by strong control over the token supply to achieve token appreciation, involves implementing a slow and long-term vesting schedule, alongside a staking system designed to sterilize the supply and offset the increase in circulating tokens resulting from the vesting process. 

Powering Import & Export between east to west Economies

What is the $SRC Token?

$SRC is a utility token that is Powering Import and Export between East to West economies, one of the first real-world business use cases crypto token that bring the real economy of the global trade to the crypto market within its own unique digital commodity trade finance and global supply chain ecosystem. $SRC is a utility token that is designed to provide access to $SRC Business Ecosystem services within its own blockchain network. The $SRC token is a utility used for gas fees to validate transactions, liquidity, rewards, and ecosystem transaction fee collection.

The $SRC token is used to conduct a Public Sales through Launchpads to raise financing for $SRC Business Ecosystem growth and development.

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