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What is the SRC Business Ecosystem?

The SRC Business Ecosystem is a secure, self-contained platform that serves different trading partners in the multi-commodity trading market (producers, end-users, traders, insurances, shipping companies, freight forwarders, port authorities, and governments).

The SRC Business Ecosystem is designed to facilitate commodity trade between trading partners within Europe and the Silk Road Countries by digitalizing end-to-end processes and integrating end-to-end trade finance into global supply chains.

What is SRC's function within the SRC Business Ecosystem?

The SRC Business Ecosystem allows customers to better manage and hedge their businesses against supply chain disruptions and offers users access to a suite of products and services under the umbrella of: trade finance, cross-border money movement, supply chain management, supply chain finance, and liquidity solutions. 

Trading partners will use SRC’s to access products and services within the platform, pay fees, and automate transactions. 

What is SRC's economic design?

In the SRC Business Ecosystem economy, each token is worth a fixed percentage of a service in the ecosystem, thus, the anticipation of greater future utility will cause token holders to hold their SRC which will then reduce velocity of the token. When users anticipate growth in the ecosystem they will hold onto their tokens as their value should increase over time.

There is a relationship between the SRC’s in the SRC Business Ecosystem and those in the crypto exchange pool. On one hand, SRC’s in the crypto exchange pool will be used to raise funds that will facilitate the growth and develop of the SRC Business Ecosystem.

Conversely, SRC’s in the SRC Business Ecosystem pool play an important role in reducing total transaction costs for all trading partners; this utility will translate into future revenue and profit growth, and will ultimately lead to an increase in the market price of SRC’s on exchanges.

Stakeholder incentive alignment

LGR Global ensures incentive alignment between investors and users, thereby encouraging the long-term holding of SRC. The increasing market value of the SRC is connected to the overall value growth of the SRC Business Ecosystem via the total transaction cost reduction utility of the SRC within the ecosystem.

As the SRC Business Ecosystem grows organically & M&A’s (through increasing clients, ecosystem trading partners and ecosystem services), then the amount of absolute utility that each token can acquire grows.

Powering business transactions

What is the SRC Token?

The SRC is a blockchain-powered utility token developed by LGR Global to power the SRC Business Ecosystem and act as a fundraising vehicle (ICO). 

To accomplish these two aims, two main pools of SRCs have been created: an ecosystem pool, and a pool for use on crypto exchanges.

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