Team Members

                  Silk Road Coin Partners & Team Members:


Founder: LGR Co

China Mainland Adviser: CCPIT Zhejiang Committee

 Silk Road Countries Adviser: Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce

 Waves Exchange

 ECO: Economic Corporation Organization

VisitECO Company: Tourism and Telecommunication and Fintech partner in ECO countries.

Belt & Road Summit 2020

 Fintech and Blockchain Developers: ArcherSoft Co

 Branding and Advertising: Zigma8 Co

Media Partner: EU Reporter base in Brussels

 Head of South Korea Marketing: ICO Pantera

                                                  Team Members

CEO: Mr. Ali Amirliravi

CCPIT Rep: Mr. Fang Hao

SRCIC Rep: Ms. Doris Li

Mr. Saul Tarazona (Blockchain Advisor and Investor Relation Manager)

 ArcherSoft Rep: Mr. Serhii Salduhin

ArcherSoft Rep: Mr. Alexander Sharkov

 Zigma8 Rep: Dr. Mir Damoon

Mr. Salah Abdalla (Digital Marketing Specialist

ICO Pantera Rep: Mr. Changeun Lim