Silk Road Coin 2020’s Premier ICO

“Your Partner & Provider”

Consider a Coin, approved in 65 Countries. 65 Countries, who accommodate c60% of the Worlds Population.

65 Countries who contribute more than 1/3 to Global GDP. LGR Global, is delighted to offer you Silk Road Coin.

This WILL be, THE ICO of 2020. This ICO is on target, to be massively oversubscribed.

Crypto Currency is still at the “tip of the iceberg”, stage. Banks, Finance House, FX Traders, currently subscribe hugely to usage. Consider the effect to the value of your Coin, when Governments, Central Banks, Manufacturing, Power Providers, Wider Industry adopts usage (and they will) The Crypto Asset will simply rocket in Value.

Across the world, use is becoming more common place. An example of acceptance can be found in Switzerland. Possibly the most conservative and cautious Nation on the Planet. In certain Kantons, Crypto Currency is an acceptable payment vehicle for Annual Income Tax settlement.

This usage or accepted utility will spread and expand Crypto. SRC will assist this mission.

You seek a real ‘Fire Starter’ Currency, we know you do. You have dabbled with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Bitcoin Cash et al ( without support, advice or second opinion ) They are simply Coin Providers, Order Takers.

Silk Road Coin will be your Coin Provider and Partner.


SRC ICO is supported by industry professionals specializing in Crypto, Blockchain, FinTech and Technology (of course) However, we also employ a host of Specialists in Banking, Finance, Trading, Securities & Investment. Available 24/7 to answer your questions or provide you with a second opinion or simply to share their market(s) experience. Based in Switzerland & UAE.

About Silk Road Coin

Silk Road Coin (SRC) is a cryptocurrency backed for future cross border money movement and crypto banking platform between Silk Road countries, members of more than sixty-five countries, and between companies, institutions, banks, and individuals. SRC tokens are created on the Waves Blockchain platform. Funds collected from the token distribution will be as liquidity of the SRC Banking Platform and managed by a team—experienced bankers, cryptocurrency professionals, and Credit and Trade finance specialists—with proven track records in top profitable banking projects in Silk Road Countries . A project-team head and founder, the LGR Company, manages the operations with regard to the distribution of Silk Road Coin tokens and the management of the Silk Road Coin Banking Platform. 

This cryptocurrency will be backed of the Banking Platform which will be used as :

  • B2B and B2C Cross Border Payment between Silk Road countries
  • Clearance and Settlement Vehicle between Banks and financial institutions across Silk Road countries
  • Crypto Banking Services (Credit and Loans services, Trade Finance services, Exchange facility. Credit Card issuance)

The LGR is a member of Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce that is adviser of the Silk Road Coin project for promotion and expansion among all members. 

LGR is in the final stages of negotiation with the China Council for promotion of International Trade to support Silk Road Coin and its Banking Platform officially—to be accepted as Cross Border Payment and Clearance and Settlement vehicle between Silk Road countries that are involve on belt and road initiative projects.

Silk Road Coin Banking Platform will be pegged to the Euro as SRC Stable Coin (SRCS) which is each coin is peg to 1 Euro as asset back cryptocurrency.

The supply of SRC is to be initiated at 1 billion tokens due to the numbers of countries involved 65 Countries, who accommodate c60% of the Worlds Population.

The mass adoption of Silk Road Coin in the largest world community, the outstanding performance of the SRC investment-fund as liquidity of its unique Banking Platform and the growing demand and limited supply of SRC compared to the large population of the community and (65 Countries who contribute more than 1/3 to Global GDP) are key factors that will lead to the continuous appreciation of the market value of SRC. 

Public distribution of Silk Road Coin will be split into various phases.

Value Proposition

Silk Road Coin is a cryptocurrency that allows token holders who lack expertise, time, and knowledge to make stable gains in the volatile cryptocurrency market. Its token holders will have the greatest worldwide-adoption cryptocurrency in the largest world community—the Silk Road Community—with the possibility of exchanging and trading Silk Road Coin in top worldwide Exchanges and gain profits.

Experienced Managers

The investment team is composed of experienced managers—money movement professionals, traders, and bankers and cryptocurrency top traders—who have proven track records in digital and non digital asset management from Switzerland and China and who can perform detailed analysis of market conditions and existing and new projects in the industry.

Worldwide Adoption

In order for people around the world to know and to buy SRC, we will hire large media and marketing companies who are well-known in the Silk Road countries to make an exposure of the Silk Road Coin among all countries.


There are many projects in the industry whose creators and developers are anonymous.

The identities of the members of the Silk Road Coin all revealed to the public. Members of LGR are reputable professionals known in the blockchain industry, banking industry, and trade sectors.

The LGR will also obtain a fully crypto-related activities and digital money license with the relevant authorities from Switzerland. This gives assurance of the credibility of the SRC project team.

Silk Road Coin Developed on the Waves platform, a decentralized blockchain platform that focuses on custom blockchain token operations and uses a proof-of-stake algorithm which enables holders of the tokens to receive interest when they stake their tokens.

The Silk Road Coin token sales are at Decentralized Exchange (DEX) of the Waves Platform on which transactions can be made quickly like a centralized exchange without the risks of losing your assets to centralized exchange hacks because the assets are stored on individual wallets.

The platform is in partnership with Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” accounting organizations and the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and number of professionals. Deloitte provides audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advisory services with more than 263,900 professionals globally.

Silk Road Coin Banking Platform will have the features and services as below: (will be launch after ICO ended)

  • B2B and B2C Cross Border Payment between Silk Road countries
  • Clearance and direct Settlement between Banks and financial institutions across Silk Road countries
  • Crypto Banking services :

1.Fiat to Crypto and vice versa Exchange Facility

2.Credit Card Issuance

3.Credit and Loan services

4.Trade Finance services

ICO of the Silk Road Coin for raising fund is as below:

1 billion Silk Road Coin tokens are issued through the Waves platform. 

The number of tokens for sale during the Silk Road Coin ICO are as follows 

Soft Cap: 100 Million tokens

Hard Cap: 500 Million tokens 

We are offering investors the opportunity to obtain Silk Road Coin tokens at a cheaper rate in its early stage before it gets listed on major exchanges.

Early investors can obtain SilkRoadCoin tokens for as low as 0.9 Euro which is at a 10% discount of market price.

The ICO will commence on 06 Jan, 2020, at 9 a.m. (GMT+8) 

The ICO will end  when the soft cap is reached.

Investors can follow the instructions on the LGR website ( to obtain Silk Road Coin via USDT and USD-N and Euro over Waves Exchange or via USDT over LGR website.

Remaining tokens after the ICO will be sold through various channels at market prices.

Because Silk Road Coin is a new asset on the Waves platform, Silk Road Coin can be found only by entering the following identifier on DEX:


The Bank wire transfer with Euro through Swift and SEPA is available by client request and inquiry at 

Purchase via Chinese Yuan and other local currency will be implemented ASAP. For alternative payment options, please contact:

A number of Chinese and Switzerland banks will oversee asset management. 

Archer Soft LLC one of the top custom Fintech and Blockchain Development Company in the world with high proven track record in industry base in USA and Ukraine is working on the fully Banking Blockchain Platform of the Silk Road Coin.

How to buy Silk Road Coin? Click here.